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Table 1 Summary of Inhibitors Tested.

From: Signaling pathways required for macrophage scavenger receptor-mediated phagocytosis: analysis by scanning cytometry

Inhibitor Target Final Concentration Vehicle
Poly(I) SR binding 10 μg/ml PBS
Cytochalasin D filamentous actin 15 μM DMSO
Nocodazole microtubules 25 μM DMSO
Staurosporine protein kinases 1 μM DMSO
Chelerythrine Cl PKC 25 μM DMSO
Gö 6976 PKC 10 μM DMSO
Wortmannin PI-3K 0.04 μM DMSO
LY294002 PI-3K 200 μM DMSO
Genistein tyrosine kinases 100 μM DMSO
Herbimycin A tyrosine kinases 80 μM DMSO
MEK inhibitor I MEK 200 μM DMSO
JNK inhibitor I JNK 4 μM PBS
JNK control inactive analog of JNK inhibitor I 4 μM PBS
U-73122 phospholipase C 10 μM DMSO
U-73343 inactive analog of U-73122 10 μM DMSO