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Figure 1

From: Sex differences in the impact of ozone on survival and alveolar macrophage function of mice after Klebsiella pneumoniae infection

Figure 1

Effect of ozone exposure on survival of mice withK. pneumoniaeinfection; sex differences. Male and female mice were exposed to O3 (2 ppm for 3 h) or to FA (control) and then infected intratracheally with ~450 CFU of K. pneumoniae bacteria. Panel A depicts the results for all mice regardless of sex, and Panel B shows the results for males and females plotted separately. Percent surviving is shown up to 14 days. Differences between survival rates of FA- and O3-exposed mice were analyzed with log-rank test (cumulative survival for all 14 days) and with either Chi-Square test (Panel A) or with Fisher's Exact test (Panel B) (daily survival). Differences were considered significant if p < 0.05. Significant differences by log-rank test (#) or by Chi-square or Fisher's Exact test (*) (daily survival) are indicated.

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