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Figure 4

From: Withdrawal of inhaled corticosteroids in people with COPD in primary care: a randomised controlled trial

Figure 4

Wheeze and reliever inhaler use in fluticasone (F) and placebo (P) groups at time of first COPD exacerbation (-8 to 28 days). Day 0 is the first day of exacerbation as defined in our methods section. Figure a) shows the proportion of patients with wheeze on each day for fluticasone and placebo groups. Reporting of wheeze was significant 28 days from onset of exacerbation: OR 1.85, (CI 1.35 to 2.53) P < 0.05. Figure b) show mean change from baseline for daily reliever inhaler use in each group. Baseline reliever inhaler use was calculated from the mean value from day -14 to -8 prior to onset of exacerbation. Difference in reliever inhaler use between groups was significant day -7 to 28: Mean difference 0.44 inh/day (CI 0.33 to 0.55) P < 0.01. (inh/day = inhalations of reliever medication per day).

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