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Figure 6

From: Role of TNF-α in lung tight junction alteration in mouse model of acute lung inflammation

Figure 6

Immunohistochemical localization of Bcl-2 in the lung. Lung biopsies were taken 24 h after injection of carrageenan. Lung tissue sections collected at 24 hours from sham WT mice (a) and from sham TNF-αR1KO mice (b) demonstrated Bcl-2 positive staining while in the lung from carrageenan-treated WT mice the staining significantly reduced and at 24 hours (c). In carrageenan-injected TNF-αR1KO mice, a regular presence of Bcl-2 distribution was observed in the lung tissues collected at 24 hours (d). Similarly, the treatment of WT mice with Etanercept (5 mg/kg administered sc 2 h prior carrageenan) attenuated the loss of positive staining for Bcl-2 in the lung tissues at 24 hours (e). Figure is representative of at least 3 experiments performed on different experimental days.

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