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Figure 2

From: Deleted in Malignant Brain Tumors 1 (DMBT1) is present in hyaline membranes and modulates surface tension of surfactant

Figure 2

Ventilation therapy in an infant with hyaline membranes. Time courses of mechanical ventilation therapy and its complications in a preterm infant with bronchopneumonia that was born with 27 weeks and died at day eight (panel D-F of figure 1). The course of mean airway pressure is displayed in mbar. Red squares are mean airway pressure values under conventional ventilation (triangular airway pressure waveform) and black squares are mean airway pressure values under high-frequency ventilation (9 Hz). Black boxes: application of bovine surfactant (Alveofact®); empty boxes: diagnosis of pneumothorax; orange box: administration of nitrite oxygen.

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