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Figure 1

From: Deleted in Malignant Brain Tumors 1 (DMBT1) is present in hyaline membranes and modulates surface tension of surfactant

Figure 1

DMBT1 expression in hyaline membranes. Analysis of DMBT1 expression in post-mortem lung sections of preterm infants. Binding of anti-DMBT1p84 displayed as red staining (arrows). (A) Lung section of a preterm infant born at 23 weeks of gestation without infection, who died at the same day because of primary surfactant deficiency and shock after resuscitation, illustrating respiratory DMBT1 expression in hyaline membranes. (B) Lung section of a neonate with primary surfactant deficiency born at 28 weeks and dying on day 2 without infection, which demonstrates DMBT1 expression in hyaline membranes. (C) Higher lung magnification of (B). (D) Lung tissue of a preterm infant with pneumonia born at 27 weeks who died at a gestational age of 28 weeks. (E, F) mRNA in situ hybridization of lung section (D) confirmed the results obtained from immunohistochemical analyses.

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