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Figure 6

From: Apoptosis of viral-infected airway epithelial cells limit viral production and is altered by corticosteroid exposure

Figure 6

Prolonged viral particle release into culture media is coordinate with exposure to corticosteroids Picogreen assay performed on the condition media collected from Ad5 infected GPTEC with/out Bud exposure show an early reduction in viral particle release as determined by the detection of Ad5 DNA in the conditioned media. However beyond this initial 24 h period of treatment the detection of viral DNA continued to increase while in the untreated Ad5 infected GPTEC the detection of viral DNA significantly reduced. The insert demonstrates amplification of WtAd5 gene (Lane 1), and housekeeping β-actin (Lane 2) from the conditioned media, and WtAd5 gene (Lane 3), and human β-actin (Lane 4) from the Sham infected human airway epithelial cells. This demonstrates that amplified signal in Lane 1 is specific from the viral DNA and not from the epithelial cells in the supernatant. * p < 0.05 compared to Ad5+Bud 2 dPi, §p < 0.05 compared to Ad5 2dPi and † p < 0.05 compared to Ad5+Bud 4 dPi.

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