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Figure 5

From: Apoptosis of viral-infected airway epithelial cells limit viral production and is altered by corticosteroid exposure

Figure 5

in vitro model of Ad5-infected GPTEC demonstrate p85-PARP, DR4 and TRAIL expression. Western blotting of total protein lysates collected from Ad5 infected GPTEC demonstrated elevated apoptosis in Ad5 infected cells by 4 dPi and Bud treated cells from 2- 4 dPi compared to Sham cells. Ad5+ Bud group had significantly less apoptosis compared to Bud alone. The inset shows protein bands corresponding to p85-PARP and house keeping β-Actin protein for respective groups (Figure 5A). Ad5 induced apoptosis corresponds to DR4 expression (Figure 5B) and to DR ligand TRAIL (Figure 5C). Ad5+Bud group demonstrated suppressed DR4 and TRAIL protein expression compared to Ad5 alone and Bud alone for respective treatment days (Figure 5B, 5C), * p < 0.05 compared to Sham, §p < 0.05 compared to Bud alone, † p < 0.05 compared to Ad5 alone.

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