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Figure 4

From: Apoptosis of viral-infected airway epithelial cells limit viral production and is altered by corticosteroid exposure

Figure 4

Acutely infected GPTEC demonstrate apoptosis coordinate with DR4 and DR5 expression Semi-quantitative scoring was utilized to determine the expression of p85-PARP, DR4 and DR5 in the Guinea pig lung sections by immunohistochemistry. p85-PARP was significantly higher in 1 -4 dPi lung sections compared to Sham controls, peaked at 4 dPi and decreasing significantly by 7 dPi (Figure 4A). This trend in apoptosis in the Acute model was coordinate with the changes in DR4 and DR5 expression (Figure 4B). * p < 0.05 compared to Sham and †p < 0.05 compared to 4 dPi.

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