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Figure 3

From: Markers of exacerbation severity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Figure 3

Fixed Effect Meta-Analysis Results of Selected Clinical Variables. Graphs displayed are: A) Heart Rate (Exacerbation Severity Levels I to III); B) Heart Rate (Out- versus In-patient Setting); C) Breathing Rate (Levels I to III); and D) Breathing Rate (Out- versus In-patient Setting). For each clinical variable, the point estimates (point), 95% confidence intervals (box), and two standard deviations (bars) are presented for Levels I to III and out- & in-patient settings. 'N' signifies the total studies and 'n' is the total subjects. P < 0.017 is indicated for statistical comparisons of Level I versus II (*), II versus III (), and I versus III (#) as well as P < 0.05 for comparison of out- versus in-patient setting (*).

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