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Table 1 Overview of studies on apoptosis in human lung.

From: Role of apoptosis in the pathogenesis of COPD and pulmonary emphysema

Reference Patients COPD defined by Controls Increased Apoptosis in patients Increased Proliferation in patients
Segura-Valdez [23] Chronic Bronchitis Emphysema -Medical history
-Pulmonary Function
-Male individuals who died from other causes than lung diseases smoking status unknown -endothelial cells
-alveolar epithelial cells
-interstitial cells
-inflammatory cells
Majo [27] Emphysema -Pulmonary Function
-Never smokers
-Smokers without emphysema
-No difference between groups NA
Kasahara [28] Emphysema -Pulmonary Function Non smokers -alveolar epithelial cells NA
   -Histology/CT -Smokers without airway obstruction -endothelial cells  
Yokohori [25] Emphysema -Pulmonary Function
-Asymptomatic smokers
-Asymptomatic nonsmokers
-alveolar epithelial cells type II alveolar epithelial cells type II
Imai [24] Emphysema -Pulmonary Function
-accidental death victims unused donor lungs for LTX
-Smoking status unknown
-alveolar epithelial cells
-endothelial cells
-mesenchymal cells
Increased (cell type not specified)
Hodge [26] COPD -Medical history
-Pulmonary Function
-Never smokers -airway epithelial cells (obtained by BAL)
-BAL T-cells
  1. BAL = bronchoalveolar lavage; CT = computed tomography; LTX = lung transplantation; NA = not available