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Table 1 DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) and methyl binding proteins. Dnmts establish and maintain methylation marks whilst methyl CpG binding proteins interpret these marks.

From: Epigenetics and airways disease

DNA methyltransferase Activity Function
DNMT1 Prefers hemi-methylated DNA Maintenance of methylation, repression of transcription
DNMT2 Low activity in vitro Non CpG methylation in Drosphilia
DNMT3a De novo methylation Imprinting and repression
DNMT3b De novo and maintenance methylation Repeat methylation, repression
DNMT3L Not active, co-localizes with DNMT3a and 3b Repeat methylation, repression
Methyl CpG binding protein Specificity  
MeCP2 Single methylated CpG Repression
MBD1 Methylated and unmethylated DNA Repression
MBD2 Methylated DNA Repression
MBD3 Unmethylated DNA Repression
MBD4 5-meCpG/TpG mismatches DNA repair,
  1. Abbreviations: MeCP – Methyl-CpG-binding protein, MBD – methyl-CpG binding domain.