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Figure 3

From: Laminin-332 alters connexin profile, dye coupling and intercellular Ca2+ waves in ciliated tracheal epithelial cells

Figure 3

Cell participation in mechanically-induced intercellular Ca2+waves in RTEC grown on collagen or LM-332/collagen matrices. Cells responding with an increase in [Ca2+]i after mechanical stimulation are plotted against experimental paradigms described in Figure 2. A) Data are redrawn from [35] to illustrate gap junctional mediated Ca2+ wave propagation in RTEC grown on collagen matrix. Under these conditions the gap junctional inhibitors gap26 and gap27 reversibly inhibit Ca2+ wave propagation whereas the purinergic signalling inhibitor apyrase did not have a significant effect. B) When RTEC are grown on LM-332/collagen matrix, gap27 and gap26 had no effect on Ca2+ wave propagation. In contrast, apyrase significantly inhibited propagation of Ca2+ waves that were restored to control levels within 15 min of washout. RTEC cells grown on LM-332/collagen matrix propagated intercellular Ca2+ waves via an extracellular purinergic pathway. Values are cells ± standard error. "*" indicates significant reduction from control (P < 0.01) washout (P < 0.01 for gap 26; P < 0.05 for gap27) and apyrase treatment (P < 0.05 for gap26). "#" indicates significant reduction in cell number as compared to any of the other treatments (P < 0.01 in comparison to gap26; P < 0.001 for all others).

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