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Figure 3

From: Anti-Fas mAb-induced apoptosis and cytolysis of airway tissue eosinophils aggravates rather than resolves established inflammation

Figure 3

Representative light micrographs of mouse lung tissue using Htx-staining in control (A) and anti-Fas mAb treated animals (B) at 24 h. Htx-staining shows dark condensed (pycnotic) nuclei of eosinophils and disturbed epithelial lining. Very few TUNEL-positive apoptotic cells were present in control treated animals (C) whereas a large number of TUNEL-stained cells was detected in anti-Fas mAb treated animals (D), almost all of which were shown to be apoptotic eosinophils by double chromotrope 2R and TUNEL staining (see also Figure 4).

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