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Figure 5

From: Alveolar macrophage-epithelial cell interaction following exposure to atmospheric particles induces the release of mediators involved in monocyte mobilization and recruitment

Figure 5

AM/HBEC co-culture responses after pretreatment with cell adhesion blockers. (A): autoradiographs from RNase protection assay of mediator mRNA expression by AM/HBEC co-cultures pretreated before 24 h incubation in a 100 μg/ml of PM10 suspension including no pretreatment (no treatment) before co-culture, AM pretreated with control IgG (AM-IgG), HBEC with control IgG (HBEC-IgG), AM with anti-CD11b antibody (AM-CD11b), HBEC with anti-CD54 antibody (HBEC-CD54) and both cell types with respective antibodies (both antibodies). The mRNA expression in PM10-exposed AM/HBEC co-cultures was not affected by any pretreatments with these antibodies. (B): in the absence of AM, pretreatment of HBEC to cross-link CD54 with antibody followed by 2 h exposure to PM10 (PM10-CD54) did not alter mediator expression compared with HBEC pretreated with control IgG (PM10-IgG) and non-pretreated HBEC (control).

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