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Figure 3

From: Alveolar macrophages regulate neutrophil recruitment in endotoxin-induced lung injury

Figure 3

Changes in expression of TNF-α mRNA (A), IL-1β mRNA (B), MIP-1β mRNA (C), MCP-1 mRNA (D), ICAM-1 mRNA (E) and VCAM-1 mRNA (F) of AM-competent (control liposomes = co lip) and -depleted (clodrondate) animals after 4 hours of PBS/LPS stimulation. Whole lung RNA was extracted and RT-PCR performed according to the primers and annealing thermocycle conditions shown in Tab. 1. Equal loading was shown with 18S bands. Results were analyzed by densitometry. One value for control liposomes and PBS was defined as 1 and all other values were adapted. Values are mean ± SEM from 5 animals.

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