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Table 1 Summary of features of ABC transporters in human lung.

From: ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters in normal and pathological lung

ABC gene Gene location Functional role or substrates Linked to disease Protein expression in lung cells
(+ localisation $ )
References #
MDR1/P-gp (ABCB1) 7q21.12 Drug resistance, Hydrophobic organic cations Unknown Bronchial epithelium (ap), mucinous glands (ap), alveolar type I cells* (ap), endothelium* (ap), alv. macroph. [4,12,14-16]
MDR3/P-gp (ABCB4) 7q21.12 Phosphatidyl choline Unknown Absent [4]
MRP1 (ABCC1) 16p13.12 Drug resistance, Organic anions (e.g. GSH conjugates, LTC4) COPD? Bronchial epithelium (ba/la), goblet cells (ba), peripheral epithelial cells* (ba/la), seromucinous glands (ba/la), alv. macroph. [4,53,85]
MRP2 (ABCC2) 10q24.2 Drug resistance, Organic anions Dubin-Johnson syndrome Bronchial epithelium* (ap), primary bronchial and peripheral epithelial cells* (in) [4,85,90]
MRP3 (ABCC3) 17q21.33 Drug resistance, Organic anions Unknown Primary bronchial and peripheral epithelial cells* (ba/la) [85]
MRP4 (ABCC4) 13q32.1 Nucleoside analogues, Prostaglandin E1, E2 Unknown Primary bronchial and peripheral epithelial cells* (in) [85]
MRP5 (ABCC5) 3q27.1 Nucleoside analogues, Hyaluron Unknown Primary bronchial and peripheral epithelial cells* (in) [85]
MRP6 (ABCC6) 16p13.12 Unknown Pseudoxanthoma elasticum Unknown  
MRP7 (ABCC10) 6p21.1 Drug resistance Unknown Unknown  
MRP8 (ABCC11) 16q12.1 Conjugated steroids, Nucleoside analogues, bile acids Unknown Unknown  
MRP9 (ABCC12) 16q12.1 Unknown Unknown Unknown  
CFTR (ABCC7) 7q31.31 Chloride ion channel Cystic fibrosis Bronchial epithelium (ap), seromucinous glands (ap), Clara cells*, Alv. type I cells* [117-120]
BCRP (ABCG2) 4q22 Drug resistance, Protection food toxins Unknown Bronchial epithelium (ba/la), endothelium, seromucinous glands [4]
ABCA1 9q31.1 Cholesterol and phospholipids Tangier disease Alv. type II cells [151]
ABCA3 16p13.3 Surfactant secretion Surfactant deficiency Alv. type II cells [155]
  1. $Cellular localisation: ap, apical; ba, basal; la, lateral; in, intracellular; alv., alveolar; macroph., macrophages;#References are mentioned that demonstrate protein localisation histologically; *Conflicting results exist in literature.