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Figure 2

From: Altered expression of membrane-bound and soluble CD95/Fas contributes to the resistance of fibrotic lung fibroblasts to FasL induced apoptosis

Figure 2

Resistance to pro-apoptotic signals in fibrotic fibroblasts after incubation with cycloheximide and Fas ligand.A: Representative histograms of non-fibrotic (upper panel) and fibrotic fibroblasts (lower panel). The cells were incubated with medium, FasL, cycloheximide or FasL+cycloheximide. Only the incubation with FasL and cycloheximide resulted in significant amounts of apoptotic cells. B: Fibrotic fibroblasts (circles) showed increased resistance to the induction of apoptosis by FasL and cycloheximide in comparison to non-fibrotic fibroblasts (squares). Apoptotic cells were detected by flow cytometry after TUNEL staining. The cumulative data of all samples are represented as mean ± SEM, **p < 0.01.

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