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Figure 6

From: Inhibitors of mitogen-activated protein kinases differentially regulate costimulated T cell cytokine production and mouse airway eosinophilia

Figure 6

Effects of MAPK inhibitors on OVA-specific IgE antibody levels in the serum. Mouse serum was collected 24 h after the last OVA challenge. Samples were obtained from saline- (negative) or OVA-challenged mice in the absence (positive) or presence of MAPK inhibitors: SB203580 (20 mg/kg), U0126 (20 mg/kg), SP600125 (20 mg/kg) or of the combination of U0126 (5 mg/kg) plus SB203580 (5 mg/kg). Serum titers for OVA-specific IgE antibodies were measured by ELISA as described in methods. Each column represents mean ± s.e.mean. n = 5 mice per group. *p < 0.05 (versus OVA challenged positive control), +p < 0.05 (negative versus positive control)

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