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Figure 1

From: Inhibitors of mitogen-activated protein kinases differentially regulate costimulated T cell cytokine production and mouse airway eosinophilia

Figure 1

Induction of cytokines in CD4+ T cells by different costimulatory receptors. Human CD4+ T cells were stimulated with various stimuli. (A) Cytokine mRNA level were determined after eight hours stimulation using real-time RT-PCR. mRNA level were normalized to β-actin and CD3 stimulated cells were set to 1. Each column represents mean ± s.e.mean of three different donors. (B) Cytokine protein level was determined in the supernatant by ELISA after twenty-four hours of stimulation. Each column represents mean ± s.e.mean of three different volunteers. *P < 0.05 (versus CD3 stimulated samples).

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