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Figure 6

From: Controlled and uncontrolled asthma display distinct alveolar tissue matrix compositions

Figure 6

Density of myofibroblasts per tissue area (triple positive cells/mm2) in central airways (A) and alveolar parenchyma (B) from controls and patients with controlled and uncontrolled asthma. Representative micrographs of triple staining of myofibroblasts: (C) nuclei: Hoechts 33342, blue, (D) prolyl-4OH: Alexa F488, green, (E) vimentin: AlexaF 647, deep red, (F) α-SMA: AlexaF 555, red. Merged image are shown in (G) where * denotes triple positive cells. High magnification image of fibroblast with protrusions are shown in (H). rbm: reticular basement membrane and ep: airway epithelium

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