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Table 2 The distributions of and interobserver agreement between the two observers at baseline

From: High-resolution CT scoring system-based grading scale predicts the clinical outcomes in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

HRCT findings

κ value*(p-value)

ICC(95% CI)

Normal attenuation

1.00 (< 0.001)

0.91 (0.83-0.95)

Reticular abnormality

0.65 (0.023)

0.83 (0.72-0.91)

Traction bronchiectasis

0.78 (0.031)

0.81 (0.66-0.89)


0.82 (0.007)

0.77 (0.62-0.87)

  1. *The interobserver agreement regarding the presence/absence of HRCT findings between the two observers was assessed by the kappa statistics (κ value).
  2. The interobserver agreement regarding the extent of the HRCT findings between the two observers was analyzed for the square root of the normal attenuation, reticular abnormality, traction bronchiectasis and honeycombing by Fleiss’s ICC.