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Figure 9

From: Differential regulation of cell functions by CSD peptide subdomains

Figure 9

Dose dependence of effects of CSD and its subdomains on the migration in vitro of Normal monocytes with and without TGFβ activation. The migration toward CXCL12 of Normal monocytes with and without TGFβ activation was quantified as described in the Methods in the presence of the indicated concentration of CSD and its subdomains. The Antennapedia Internalization Sequence alone was routinely used as the Control peptide; when tested scrambled CSD attached to the Antennapedia Internalization Sequence gave similar results. The results represent the average ± s.e.m of four independent experiments. For comparisons of CSD, Cav-A, and Cav-BC with Control peptide ** indicates p < 0.01 and * indicates p < 0.05. For Normal cells/Control peptide vs TGFβ cells/Control peptide p < 0.001.

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