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Figure 7

From: Differential regulation of cell functions by CSD peptide subdomains

Figure 7

Different effects of CSD and its subdomains on fibrocyte differentiation. PBMC were incubated for fibrocyte differentiation in vitro as described in the Methods in the presence of the indicated peptides at the indicated concentrations. The number of cells per field identified as fibrocytes by their spindle-shaped morphology was quantified. The Antennapedia Internalization Sequence alone was routinely used as the Control peptide; when tested scrambled CSD attached to the Antennapedia Internalization Sequence gave similar results. These data represent the average ± s.e.m. of six independent fields for each condition from five normal and five SSc donors. For comparisons of CSD and Cav-BC with Control peptide ** indicates p < 0.01 and * indicates p < 0.05. For Normal cells/Control peptide vs SSc cells/Control peptide p < 0.01.

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