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Figure 2

From: The dopamine D1receptor is expressed and facilitates relaxation in airway smooth muscle

Figure 2

Immunoblot analysis of dopamine D 1 -like receptors in human and guinea pig airway smooth muscle. Representative immunoblot analyses using antibodies against the dopamine D1 receptor (A) and D5 receptor (B) using 100 μg total protein prepared from freshly dissected native human tracheal airway smooth muscle (SM), cultured HASM cells from all three different sources [#1: cultures of immortalized HASM cells gifted from Dr. William Gerthoffer, #2: primary cultured cells gifted from Dr. Reynold A. Panettieri, Jr., and #3: primary cultured cells obtained from Lonza (Walkersville, MD)], freshly dissected native guinea pig tracheal SM, human kidney, and human or guinea pig brain cerebral cortex. White spaces between the lanes in (B) indicate that these lanes were located on the same immunoblot but were not located in neighboring lanes on the original gel and immunoblot image.

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