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Figure 7

From: Defective alterations in the collagen network to prostacyclin in COPD lung fibroblasts

Figure 7

Iloprost reduced fibroblast gel contractions in control and COPD fibroblasts. Fibroblast gel contractions were performed with lung fibroblasts from control subjects (n = 8) and patients with COPD (n = 7). Cells were stimulated with iloprost (1000 nM) in fibroblast medium containing 0.4% serum and indomethacin (3 μM). All gel contraction experiments are the mean of triplicates and measured after 48 h. Data are presented as median with individual values and median values are represented as a line. *p < 0.05; **p < 0.01. Statistical analysis is performed with Mann Whitney test to compare differences between control and COPD fibroblasts and Wilcoxon paired rank sum test is used to analyze differences within the control and COPD fibroblasts after iloprost stimulation.

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