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Figure 5

From: Novel immune genes associated with excessive inflammatory and antiviral responses to rhinovirus in COPD

Figure 5

Inflammatory and antiviral genes at 6 hours after RV-1B infection in IFN-β/λ1-pre-treated healthy (n=6) and COPD (n=6) pBECs. IFN-β/λ1-pre-treatment before RV-1B infection resulted in a significant increase in (A) IL-6 and (B) TNF-α mRNA in healthy but not in COPD pBECs. (C) MDA-5, (D) RIG-I, and (E) IFN-β mRNA was significantly induced and higher in healthy control than in COPD pBECs. In sharp contrast, (F) IFN-λ1, (G) CCL-5, and (H) CXCL-10 mRNA was significantly up-regulated by IFNs pre-treatment in both healthy and COPD pBECs. Results were presented as mean fold change in expression with and the error bar as standard error of the mean (SEM). * p<0.05 versus the corresponding RV-1B alone. ^p<0.05 versus healthy RV-1B infected pBECs.

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