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Figure 4

From: Lung CD8+ T cells in COPD have increased expression of bacterial TLRs

Figure 4

Expression of TLR5 and TLR2/1 on lung CD8+ T cells and NK cells increases with worsening emphysema. Lung tissue was stained with monoclonal antibodies to measure TLR expression on T cells, NK cells, and NKT cells. Expression (vertical axis) of (A) TLR5 on CD8+ T cells, (B) TLR2/1 on CD8+ T cells, (C) TLR5 on NK cells, (D) TLR6 on NK cells, (E) TLR2/1 on NK cells, stratified by percent emphysema (−950 HU threshold) (horizontal axis). Open circles represent individual patients, n = 13. Spearman non-parametric analysis was used to calculate the r S value.

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