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Figure 2

From: Lung CD8+ T cells in COPD have increased expression of bacterial TLRs

Figure 2

Representative histograms demonstrating an increase in TLR expression on lung CD8+ T cells in COPD. CD8+ CD56- cells from human lung tissue were identified as described in the legend to Figure 1 and examined for TLR expression. Left panels are representative histograms (A, C, E, G) or density plot (I) from smokers without COPD and right panels are representative histograms (B, D, F, H) or density plot (J) from subjects with COPD. Expression of (A, B) TLR1, (C, D) TLR2, (E, F) TLR4, (G, H) TLR6, and (I, J) TLR2/1 are shown. Shaded profile, isotype staining; open profiles, antibody-specific staining.

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