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Table 3 Mean ratios (between AZD8848 and placebo) for levels of α 2 -macroglobulin and tryptase, respectively, in nasal lavages obtained 24 hours after the last allergen challenge in the repeat challenge/treatment study

From: Repeated intranasal TLR7 stimulation reduces allergen responsiveness in allergic rhinitis

Variable Mean ratio 95% CI P-value
α2-Macroglobulin 0.50 0.25-0.97 0.020
Tryptase 0.62 0.35-1.10 0.049
  1. α2-Macroglobulin was reduced in patients who had received AZD8848 (p < 0.05, c.f. placebo). Similarly, lower levels of tryptase were observed in this group (p < 0.05, c.f. placebo).