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Table 2 Elastic fibre pattern grading: Paired comparison histology and FCFM

From: In vivo imaging of the airway wall in asthma: fibered confocal fluorescence microscopy in relation to histology and lung function

Subject Study group Histology FCFM
1 Asthma Wispy Wispy
2 Asthma Wispy Wispy
3 Asthma Mixed Lamellar
4 Asthma Mixed Mixed
5 Asthma Lamellar Lamellar
6 Asthma Lamellar Mixed
7 Asthma Lamellar Lamellar
8 Healthy, atopic Mixed Mixed
9 Healthy, atopic Mixed Lamellar
10 Healthy, atopic Lamellar Lamellar
11 Healthy, atopic Lamellar Lamellar
12 Healthy, non-atopic Wispy Wispy
13 Healthy, non-atopic Mixed Mixed
14 Healthy, non-atopic Lamellar Lamellar
  1. Subjects with discrepancy between pattern scores by histology and FCFM in Italic.