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Figure 1

From: Transcriptional landscape of bone marrow-derived very small embryonic-like stem cells during hypoxia

Figure 1

Isolation of VSELs from peripheral blood (Panel A) and bone marrow (Panel B) using FACS. Forward scatter (FSC) and side scatter (SSC) distribution of beads with a range of diameters (1-15 μm, not shown) identified region 1 (R1) and was used to select populations of peripheral blood (Panel A) or bone marrow mononuclear cells (Panel B) ranging in size between 2-10 μm (R1). The small, low complexity cells in R1 were further separated using expression of Sca-1 and Lineage markers (R2: Sca-1+ Lin-), followed by sorting using CD45 marker expression into two distinct populations (R3, R4): hematopoietic stem cells (HCS, Sca-1+ Lin- CD45+), and very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs, Sca-1+ Lin- CD45).

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