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Table 3 Polymorphisms associated with the RNASE3 gene

From: Analysing the eosinophil cationic protein - a clue to the function of the eosinophil granulocyte

Polymorphism alleles Alternative names location, effect
rs2284954 A/G -550A > G promoter
rs11575981 C/T -393T > C promoter, disrupt C/EBP binding site, correlate with s-ECP [142]
rs2233858 C/T   intron
rs2233859/rs17792481 A/C -38C > A intron (in a GATA-1 site) a
rs2073342 C/G 371G > C, 434G > C protein coding, Y > G is associated with allergic asthma [40]a, poor outcome in oral squamous cell carcinoma tumours [146], C over represented in helminth infected Ugandans [148]
rs12147890 A/G   protein coding
rs2233860 G/C   3' UTR,G is correlated to higher intracellular ECP [143], G is associated with allergic rhinitis [145], a
rs8019343 A/T 499G > C, 562G > C 3' UTR T is only present in one patient with helminth infection [147]
  1. Polymorphisms found in the ECP gene and surrounding chromosomal sequence. Listed are Polymorphism i.d.'s, altered bases, alternative names, and types of associations
  2. a) C-G-G haplotype associated with allergic rhinitis [144]