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Table 1 Main domains Symptoms, Functional Impairment and Quality of Life of the Nijmegen Integral Assessment Framework

From: Health status in COPD cannot be measured by the St George's Respiratory Questionnaire alone: an evaluation of the underlying concepts of this questionnaire

Sub-domain Definition Instrument (subscales)
   Subjective Symptoms The patient's overall burden of pulmonary symptoms PARS-D: Global Dyspnea Activity, Global Dyspnea Burden, Dyspnea Activity [7]; QoLRiQ: Breathing Problems [33]
   Dyspnea Emotions The level of frustration, depressive feelings, and anxiety a person experiences when dyspnoeic DEQ: Frustration, Mood, Anxiety [7]
   Expected Dyspnea The level of dyspnea that a patients expect to experience during specific activities no longer performed PARS-D: Expected Dyspnea [7]
   Fatigue The level of experienced fatigue CIS: Subjective fatigue [34]
Functional Impairment   
   Actual Physical Activity The actual physical activity a patient performs during two weeks Aktometer (electronic accelerometer) [22]
   Behavioral Impairment The extent to which a person cannot perform specific and concrete activities as a result of having the disease SIP: Body Care & Movement, Home Management, Mobility, Ambulation [35]
   Subjective Impairment The experienced degree of impairment in general, and in social functioning QoLRiQ: General Activities, Social Activities [33]; Global Impairment [7];
SIP: Social Interaction, Burden [35]
Quality of Life   
   General Quality of Life Mood, anxiety, and the satisfaction of a person with his/her life as a whole Satisfaction With Life Scale [36] Symptom Check List: Anxiety [37]
BDI: Primary Care [38]
   Health-related Quality of Life Satisfaction related to physiological functioning and the future Satisfaction Physiological Functioning, Satisfaction Future [7]
   Satisfaction Relations Satisfaction with the (absent) relationships with spouse and others Satisfaction Spouse, Satisfaction Social [7]
  1. PARS-D: Physical Activity Rating Scale-Dyspnea; QoLRiQ: Quality of Life for Respiratory Illness Questionnaire; DEQ: Dyspnea Emotions Questionnaire; CIS: Checklist Individual Strength; SIP: Sickness Impact Profile; BDI, Beck Depression Inventory