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Figure 2

From: Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)-4 and BMP-7 regulate differentially Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-β1 in normal human lung fibroblasts (NHLF)

Figure 2

Simultaneous incubation of NHLF with TGF-β1 and BMP-4 inhibits cell proliferation. [3H]thymidine incorporation in NHLF in response to tissue culture media with 2% FBS in the presence of 5 ng/ml TGF-β1 or 100 ng/ml BMP-4 or BMP-7 alone or with TGF-β1 in the presence of BMP-4 or BMP-7 for 36 h. [3H]thymidine was added for the last 6 h of incubation. Data are mean ± SD of five independent experiments. *, p < 0.05, as compared to unstimulated cells and †, p < 0.05, as compared to TGF-β1-stimulated cells.

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