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Table 1 Structural formula of the LPC variants, defined by the lengths of their acyl chains.

From: Lysophosphatidylcholine as an adjuvant for lentiviral vector mediated gene transfer to airway epithelium: effect of acyl chain length

LPC Acyl Chain Structure M. W.
Decanoyl C10:0 C18H38NO7P 412
Lauroyl C12:0 C20H42NO7P 439
Myristoyl C14:0 C22H46NO7P 468
Palmitoyl C16:0 C24H50NO7P 496
Heptadecanoyl C17:0 C25H52NO7P 510
Palmitoyl:Stearoyl C16:C18 66%:33% 505
Stearoyl C18:0 C26H54NO7P 524
Oleoyl C18:1 C26H52NO7P 522