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Figure 5

From: Partial pulmonary embolization disrupts alveolarization in fetal sheep

Figure 5

Levels of Hypoxyprobe-1 pimonidazole adducts in lung tissue from 5d PPE fetuses. The levels of hypoxyprobe-1 pimonidazole adducts, a marker of hypoxic tissue (PaO2 <10 mmHG) was determined in embolized and non-embolized areas of lung tissue from 5d PPE fetuses († p < 0.05 relative to embolized and non-embolized regions of 5d PPE fetuses). As a comparison, the level of Hypoxyprobe-1 in a severely hypoxic fetus exposed to single umbilical artery ligation is shown (**p < 0.001).

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