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Figure 3

From: Intracerebroventricular injection of leukotriene B4 attenuates antigen-induced asthmatic response via BLT1 receptor stimulating HPA-axis in sensitized rats

Figure 3

Lung histopathology. Haematoxalin and eosin-stained lung tissues were evaluated and scored for eosinophil cell infiltration. Compared with vehicle-sham group (A), marked infiltration of eosinophil cells in peribronchiolar space and perivascular space were observed in the vehicle-OVA (B), there were no significant eosinophil cell infiltration presented in the group of LTB4-OVA (C). U75302-OVA (D) and U75302-LTB4-OVA (E) did not show any attenuation of eosinophil infiltration. Scores of eosinophil cell infiltration were graded on the basis of severity of inflammation (F). ##P < 0.01 vs the vehicle-sham group;**P < 0.01 vs the vehicle-OVA group;††P < 0.01 vs the LTB4-OVA group.

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