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Figure 8

From: Selective accumulation of langerhans-type dendritic cells in small airways of patients with COPD

Figure 8

mRNA expression in total lung of factors capable of inducing differentiation of monocytes towards Langerhans cells in never smokers, current smokers without COPD, ex-smokers without COPD, current smoking COPD patients and ex-smoking COPD patients. (A) expression of Activin-A, (B) RANK-ligand, (C) notch-ligand delta-1 and (D) interleukin 15. mRNA expression is shown as the ratio of the number of transcripts of the gene of interest to the number of transcripts for the housekeeping genes. (E) Correlation of the mRNA expression levels of Activin-A, with the number of langerin positive cells in the total airway wall of the small airway. Correlation coefficient and p value are shown.

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