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Figure 6

From: A prostacyclin analogue, iloprost, protects from bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice

Figure 6

Effect of iloprost on cytokines and chemokines at mRNA and protein levels. BAL fluid and lung tissue were harvested at day 14 after injection of 2 mg/kg of bleomycin (Bleo) (no iloprost) or bleo+iloprost. mRNA expression of cytokines and CXCL10 was analyzed by semi-quantitative RT-PCR. The concentration of cytokines and CXCL 10 in BAL fluid was assayed by ELISA. Panels A-D show that mRNA expression of TNFα, IL-6, TGFβ1, and CXCL10 in lung tissue, n = 5-8 mice per group, * P < 0.05. Panels E-H show that the concentration of IL-6, IFNγ, TGFβ1, and CXCL10 in BAL fluid, n = 5-9 mice per group, * P < 0.05, ** P < 0.01, ***P = 0.001.

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