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Table 2 The value of sCD14 in serum and BALF compared to CRP and WBC for diagnosing bacterial pneumonia in children.

From: Expression, regulation and clinical significance of soluble and membrane CD14 receptors in pediatric inflammatory lung diseases

  sCD14 serum CRP WBC sCD14 BALF
Sensitivity1 [%] 93.6 80.7 64.5 41.9
Specificity2 [%] 100 100 96.8 96.8
Diagnostic accuracy3 [%] 97.94 93.6 86.0 78.5
Area under the ROC curve [%] 99.8 93.1 87.9 69.0
Cut-off value 8444 ng/ml 30 mg/l 14.0 × 109 55 ng/ml
  1. 1 Sensitivity is defined as the probability that a patient with pneumonia shows elevated levels of the respective marker at the specific cut-off level.
  2. 2 Specificity is defined as the probability that a patient without pneumonia shows levels of the respective marker below the specific cut-off level.
  3. 3 Diagnostic accuracy is defined as the number of correctly positive categorized plus the number of correctly negative categorized as percentage of all.
  4. 4 The same diagnostic accuracy (97.9%) was reached for sCD 14 in serum at a cut-off value of 5429 ng/ml resulting in a sensitivity of 100% and a specificity of 96.8%.