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Figure 3

From: Mechanical ventilation modulates TLR4 and IRAK-3 in a non-infectious, ventilator-induced lung injury model

Figure 3

Effects of V T on protein levels in the lungs for TLR2, TLR4, and IκBα, analyzed by Western blotting in animals ventilated with low or high tidal volume for 4 h. (*) p < 0.05 vs. non-ventilated animals, (**) p < 0.01 vs. non-ventilated animals, (***) p < 0.001 vs. non-ventilated animals, t p < 0.001 vs. animals ventilated with low VT, τ p < 0.01 vs. animals ventilated with low VT. IMR-90 cell line was used as positive control for TLR2 protein levels. Note that these antibodies react with mouse, rat, and human epitopes. Data are reported as mean ± SD and were obtained from 6 animals in each group. VT = tidal volume.

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