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Table 2 Pathways significantly modulated by neutrophil depletion during LPS induced lung inflammation as found in MetaCore

From: Transcriptional profiling of the acute pulmonary inflammatory response induced by LPS: role of neutrophils

Main cellular process Modulated pathways P value Genes in pathway
    expressed total
Cell cycle Role of APC in cell cycle regulation 1,012E-02 4 32
  Spindle assembly and chromosome separation 1,012E-02 4 32
Immune response IFN alpha/beta signalling pathway 2,740E-05 6 24
  Alternative complement pathway 8,024E-03 4 30
  Oncostatin M signaling via MAPK 1,683E-02 4 35
  NKG2D signalling 4,297E-02 3 29
  IL-3 activation and signallng pathway 4,685E-02 3 30
Response to extracellular stimulus Angiotensin signalling via STATs 2,917E-02 3 25
  Ligand dependent activation of the ESR-1/AP-1 pathway 4,756E-02 2 13
Other Mucin expression in CF via IL-6, IL-17 signalling pathways 3,926E-02 3 28
  1. Note: Significantly modulated 1.5-fold changed genes (P value < 0.05) versus total number of genes in pathway