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Figure 4

From: Asthma and gender impact accumulation of T cell subtypes

Figure 4

Effects of gender and asthma on T cell subset accumulation. Data obtained in the experiments for Figures 2 and 4 were reanalyzed, including both asthma and gender as independent variables in 2-way General Linear Model analyses of accumulation of IL-13+ and IFN-γ+ T cells. Each symbol indicates the number of: IL-13+ (left panels) and IFN-γ+ (right panels) T cells, expressed as a percent of the respective day 0 values for each subject after (A) 6-d culture with IL-2 + anti-IL-12 or (B) 5-d culture with CD3+CD28monoclonal antibody + IL-2 + anti-IL-12. Bars = geometric mean for each parameter. p-values from planned Tukey-Kramer multiple comparison tests are shown.

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