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Figure 1

From: Collagen V-induced nasal tolerance downregulates pulmonary collagen mRNA gene and TGF-beta expression in experimental systemic sclerosis

Figure 1

Transversal sections of lungs of immunized rabbits, and lungs after nasal tolerance induction with collagen V, stained by Masson trichromic (A-D) and Picrosirius (E-H). In the immunized animals, thickening of the extracellular matrix is observed, with radial and periaxial distribution (A, B, E, F). After the induction of nasal tolerance with collagen V, there was a decrease in collagen deposition (G, H). TB = terminal bronchiole; V = vessel; Groups: IM = immunized; IM-TOL = immunized and tolerated; Magnification: 200×.

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