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Table 1 Monoclonal Antibodies Used for Tissue Immunostaining

From: Expression of endothelia and lymphocyte adhesion molecules in bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) in adult human lung

mAb Clone Species Isotype Source
CD3 UCHT1 mouse IgG1 BD Biosciences
CD4 RPA-T4 mouse IgG1 eBioscience
CD8 RPA-T8 mouse IgG1 eBioscience
CD19 HIB19 mouse IgG1 BD Biosciences
CD45RA HI100 mouse IgG2b BD Biosciences
CD45RO UCHL1 mouse IgG2a eBioscience
CD11a/LFA-1 HI111 mouse IgG1 eBioscience
CD49d/α4 integrin 9F10 mouse IgG1 eBioscience
CD62L/L-selectin Dreg 56 mouse IgG1 BD Biosciences
CD31/PECAM-1 WM59 mouse IgG1 eBioscience
CD54/ICAM-1 HA58 mouse IgG1 eBioscience
CD102/ICAM-2 CBR/IC2/2 mouse IgG2a Caltag Laboratories
MAdCAM-1 MMC3 mouse IgG1 Dina Washington, Genentech
PNAd MECA79 rat IgM Dr. Eugene C. Butcher, Stanford University
CD106/VCAM-1 D8 mouse IgG1 Dr. Takami Matsuyama, Kagoshima University
Species and isotype matched negative controls N/A mouse IgG1 eBioscience
  N/A mouse IgG2a eBioscience
  N/A mouse IgG2b eBioscience
  OZ42 rat IgM Dr. Leslie Pickford